Treat yourself to this luxurious gift set with candles.

Body Butter: all natural ingredients, organic, homemade especially for you.

Size: 5 oz glass jar., 2 oz. round sample tin 

Five fragrances to choose from: Lavender Dreams, Lemon Sorbet, Citrus Sunshine, Peppermint Patty and Vanilla Cream.

  • Lavender Dreams - A relaxing and soothing aroma of lavender and chamomile are used to create this calming favorite. It is known to reduce stress, after breathing in this soft sweet and balsamic scent, you will be ready to release, relax be renewed!  This is a wonderful combination for aging skin, soothes skin flare-ups and body aches. (Revel in the soft aroma of Lavender Dreams as you lose yourself in luxury while you indulge in this soft soothing skin care experience that could lift your mood, calm and comfort you. Destress and balance yourself with this wonderful skin moisturizing body butter designed to go on right after your bath or shower. It appears to go on oily, but in just a few minutes you will notice that your skin appears to drink it in, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized. Lavender reduces stress and anxiety, has antiseptic properties. Chamomile, aids in reducing stress, sore muscles, helps to induce sleep, boosts circulation and adds moisture to your skin. Enjoy your bubble bath as it softens the water and the soft aroma of lavender and chamomile linger in the room; leaving you feeling relaxed, refreshed and renewed.)

  • Lemon Sorbet - Renewing and refreshing of juicy lemons is sure to bring happiness and joy as you relax in the bath. Combined with a sensual floral aroma is sure to lift the spirits yet soothe the soul.

  • Citrus Sunshine - Be refreshed with the sweet scent or ripe oranges, like a burst of sunshine on a fresh summer day. This scent is sure to lift the spirits, brighten the mood. Combined with a rose-like aroma and a rich earthy scent that will refresh the air around you. This combination anchors the spirit and calms the mood.

  • Vanilla Cream - Rich, warm and creaming scent of vanilla, combined with a tangy, citrus scent of grapefruit and a spicy, earthy aroma will give a smooth calm experience. This combination is great for dry, dull or aged skin.

  • Peppermint Patty - In the mood for a cool breeze and then warm comforting experience. This combination of peppermint and ginger will make you feel refreshed and awaken the senses. Blended together offers a fresh, warm and robust scent. This blend is sure to warms and invigorate the muscles.

  • Awareness - Frankincense lends a sweet, balsamic aroma and is good for aging skin. Combined with the fresh, fruity scent of bergamot and a rich, balsamic, sweet fragrance. Together you have a delicate scent that is great for meditative, calm and focus.*This scent is currently only used for the Awareness Lotion Bar. For lotion.

Shea Butter, Coco Butter, coconut, apricot, avocado, olive or almond oil (Please note if you have but allergies)., Vitamin E.

Gift Set w/candles

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