Set of three includes one of each: Mask, Hand Sanitizer and Pouch Carrying Case.


Hand Sanitizer Carrier | Face Mask Pouch | Face Mask Case  
One Hand Sanitizer Carrier | Face Mask Pouch | Face Mask Case | Zippered Case; This is a cute portable  case made to fit a SHCO Hand Sanitizer and a SHCO Face Mask. It has a zipper closure, two loops to latch on to your belt, belt loop, purse or backpack. This durable, versatile ready to go case is big enough to  hold eye glasses, sunglasses, pens, pencils, or cosmetics. Mask, hand sanitizer are sold separately. Glasses are not included.

3D Fabric Mask | Origami Fabric Mask | Handmade | High quality | Reusable

One 3D Origami Handmade High quality reusable fabric mask. A comfortable fit for every face. Feel the difference with the 3D style masks that are designed to give you more room to breathe. Sewn Inside is a fusible fabric filter lining for added protection.  Elastic closure in two styles: over ear or over head. Machine washable.
Disinfectant Hand Sanitizer with 70% Alcohol | Pure Aloe Vera | Essential Oils | Lightly Refreshing Scent
One 2 oz moisturizing all natural disinfecting hand sanitizer. Clean hands without a sticky feel. Will not dry out skin. Kills 99% of germs. Clean. Sanitize. Moisturize. Protect.
All items are also sold separately.



Mask | Carrying Case | Hand Sanitizer Set

  • Materials:


    Fusible fabric lining